Taylor Bowls

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Taylor Ace Bowl
One of the most popular make of bowls is the Taylor Ace Lawn Bowl. A versatile bowl that can be used in any rink position.

Taylor Razor Bowl
The Taylor Lazer bowls with its Progrip as a standard, this bowl has become popular due to its slim line profile which makes it easy to hold.

Taylor Redline Bowl
One of the most advanced bowls produced by Taylor. The Taylor Redline bowl is a narrow bias bowl with exceptional accuracy.
Taylor Vector Bowls The perfect bowl from Taylor for fast surfaces, whether indoors or out, with its narrow bias. The Taylor Vector bowl has a nice gentle draw line.

Drakes Pride Bowls Bias Chart for the Taylor Ace, Taylor Redline, Taylor Vector and Taylor Lazer.

Taylor Bias Chart

Thomas Taylor set of four Lawn Bowls size 4 Lignoid H-u24780
Current Price : £ 78.00

Set of Thomas Taylor Lignoid Lawn Bowls, size 1
Current Price : £ 65.00

Current Price : £ 8.00

Thomas Taylor BLAZE Bowls size 5 Blaze Black BNIB
Current Price : £ 190.00

Taylor ace size 2 bowls Blue speckled
Current Price : £ 112.00
(3 Bids)-Closes in :
2 days 20 hours 14 minutes 54 seconds

Very nice pair of THOMAS TAYLOR Lignoid Bowls Size 5
Current Price : £ 45.00

Taylor Vector-VS Bowls - set of 4, black, heavy, size 2 (UK)
Current Price : £ 369.90

Thomas Taylor Lignoid Bowls size 5 these are used set of bowls 
Current Price : £ 30.00

Set of 2 Thomas Taylor Lawn Bowls, Lignoid, Size 5, M-N5177, Bowling
Current Price : £ 39.95

Thomas Taylor bowls x4 Lignoid brown size 4 M-V31905
Current Price : £ 79.99

THOMAS TAYLOR Tayloid Triple Grip Black Lawn Bowls Bias 3 Size 4 13/16
Current Price : £ 54.99

Taylor Elite Bowls, Size 4H, In Very Good Condition(Only Used Indoor) Stamped 07
Current Price : £ 26.00
(6 Bids)-Closes in :
4 days 18 hours 44 minutes 30 seconds

BNWT Taylor Bowls Skirt White Size 14 Length 30 Pleated Front Bowling New Tags
Current Price : £ 10.99

Current Price : £ 13.99

set taylor ace redline lawn bowls size 4 elephant design burgundy maroon
Current Price : £ 299.00

Size 4 lawn indoor bowls woods bowling Thomas Taylor Legacy Sl set short mat
Current Price : £ 97.50

Taylor Legacy Sl size 4 lawn indoor bowls woods set bowling indoor short mat
Current Price : £ 99.99

Set Of 4 Thomas Taylor Championship Lawn Bowls Size 4 Vintage Leather Bowls Case
Current Price : £ 69.99

Set of 4 Thomas Taylor lignoid Size 4 Lawn Bowls Balls
Current Price : £ 44.99

~ Thomas Taylor ~ Lignoid ~ Lawn Bowls ~ Set Of Four ~ Size 5 Good Condition
Current Price : £ 65.00