A fairly tight running bowl, though not as tight as the Henselite Alpha but tighter than the Henselite Dreamline, it has a gentle and precise draw to get around bowls to the jack, but performs equally well with a running style of shot, very stable for all playing conditions, especially in high winds.
Henselite Tiger Evo Bowls - Set of 4, Black, Size 3, Heavy (UK)
Current Price : £ 399.90

Henselite Tiger EVO Bowls Size 3 Ergo Grip in Mystic WB27
Current Price : £ 329.99

Henselite Tiger Evo Lawn Flat Green Indoor Outdoor Long Short Mat Bowls Size 1
Current Price : £ 399.99

Henselite Tiger EVO-Lawn Flat Green Indoor Outdoor Short Mat Bowls-Size 2 - WB31
Current Price : £ 368.50