Sterling Bowls

With 3 Almark Sterling Bowls models, whatever you prefer as to the bias, there will be a Sterling model for your needs.

The Sterling King bowl has a tight bias draw.

The popular Sterling Slim-Line bowl is designed to feel comfortable in the hand & has a mid bias consistent draw.

The Sterling Gold has less of a hook as the bowl comes to rest and compared to the King and Slim-Line has a wide bias draw.

Almark Sterling Slimline Black Slim-line Lawn Bowls Size 1HM Only 1
Current Price : £ 25.00

Henselite Almark Sterling Slimline Heavy/Medium Black indoor/Lawn Bowls Set of 4
Current Price : £ 249.99

Sterling Gold Almark Bowls Size 2 Medium
Current Price : £ 80.00

Almark Sterling King Bowls Size 1H
Current Price : £ 35.00

Almark Sterling Set Of Four LAWN bowls Size 6M with Welkin Bag Clubhawk Measure
Current Price : £ 59.99

NEW Almark Sterling Slimeline Lawn Bowls - Size 3 - Green
Current Price : £ 299.00

4 x Almark Sterling Slimline Bowls Size 5HM With Acclaim Platinum Bowls Bag
Current Price : £ 114.95

Almark Sterling size 5H 14C 126lawn bowls. Includes carry case. Used condition.
Current Price : £ 42.00