Almark Bowls

Looking to change bowls, then check out a set of Almark Bowls. Visit the shop pages for some great bargains for new and used bowls.

arrow-296x300 The Almark Arrow has been specifically designed for indoor and fast paced outdoor greens.Though it has a narrow bias line, thAlmark Arrow bowl does offer a distinctive curve as the weight comes off the bowl.  This allows the player to attempt a much wider variety in the type of shots they play when playing on the faster greens, allowing them to play with more confidence and peace of mind.The Almark Arrow can be used by all level of bowlers.

The Bowl is available in the traditional black colour or you can choose between green and red.

Sizes available : 0. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

almarkclubmaster Almark Clubmaster Is a medium bias bowl.Recommended for all outdoor surfaces, and slower paced indoor surfaces
almarkedge Get the ‘Edge’ these bowls are said to be on the edge of the narrowest drawing arc allowed by the licensing body World Bowls Ltd. Developed in Australia by Henselite.Almark Edge : Manufactured in Australia for the fast bowling conditions the Edge is designed for easy hand comfort, thought has also gone into the design for more stability even extreme wind. The Edge with its unique trajectory to the head is the choice of elite and club bowlers.

Almark Edge Plus : This general purpose bowl incorporates all features of the Almark Edge, however has a little more draw around shorter bowls to the head ensures its popularity on holding greens. Edge Plus specifically designed to perform on a variety of green speeds. Whatever your level of play or position in the team – Edge Plus will ensure you maximise your potential. Holding line for weightier shots yet gentle on the draw.

almarkslimline Almark Sterling Slimline : The Slim-Line bowl is designed to feel comfortable in the hand & has a mid bias consistent draw. This makes it ideal for all conditions & for bowlers who want to play with the same set all yearAlmark Sterling Gold : Designed for indoor and fast running outdoor greens, having less hook at the finish, allows a wider variety of shots.
Pair of Almark Clubmaster Size 4 Medium Black Lawn Bowls
Current Price : £ 14.99

Vintage Bowls Bundle - 2 X Henselite Size 5 + Almark Clubmaster Size 4 + Bag
Current Price : £ 19.99

Almark Club Master Bowls Balls Size 4M with Carry Bag
Current Price : £ 36.50

Set of 4 Almark Sterling Bowls, Size 4H in Carrier
Current Price : £ 59.99

Current Price : £ 89.99

Sterling Slimline Lawn Flat Green In / Outdoor Long Mat Short Mat Bowls Size 3
Current Price : £ 149.99

5 x Vintage Lawn Bowls (3 x Almark, 1 x Drakes Pride, 1 x Henselite)
Current Price : £ 29.99

Almark Commander Lawn Bowls Size 2M Black Bulldog Logo Set Of Four
Current Price : £ 68.00

Almark Commander Ball Size 3H
Current Price : £ 9.90

Almark Heavy Clubmaster Lawn Bowls - Size 5
Current Price : £ 45.00

Almark Commander Lawn Bowls 5 Medium Set Of 4
Current Price : £ 34.99

Almark Clubmaster Lawn Bowls x 4 Size 5 - medium. BIBC K 01 NO BOX
Current Price : £ 50.00

1x Almark Heavy 4 Clubmaster Bowl
Current Price : £ 9.99

Current Price : £ 26.95

1x Almark Heavy 3 Clubmaster Bowl, spare bowl
Current Price : £ 12.99

Almark Clubmaster Set Of 4 Lawn Bowls Size 5 Medium .
Current Price : £ 24.99

Almark Clubmaster Set Of 3 Lawn Bowls Size 5 Medium .
Current Price : £ 20.00

Almark Commander Size 4H Bowl, 1x bowl
Current Price : £ 19.99

1x Almark Heavy 3 Clubmaster Bowl, spare bowl 3
Current Price : £ 9.99

Almark Clubmaster 5 Medium Lawn Bowls Ball #1781
Current Price : £ 8.99